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Updated: Mar 12

This was like a little light bolt moment for me recently. So rather than try get into into in a long Instagram or Facebook post I decided to put it into a blog instead. For me personally I don't technically have a style of clothing. I wear normally comfy clothes usually a loose top and leggings, while i look fine in what I wear I never feel good or stand out. I was mulling this over lately and it dawned on me I dressed to be comfortable I didn't dress to feel good. There and then I went online and ordered myself some news clothes. Nothing fancy just dresser than I normally wear.

I am intending to update my wardrobe completely and return to a small bit of make up everyday. Somewhere along the way I stopped putting an effort into myself, if I'm not putting an effort and feeling like I am worth it how am I supposed to make others think the same. I have been doing everything in my power to get my business of the ground and no matter what I do it doesn't work. Mindset is a huge part of this and by not dressing for success how on earth did I think I would achieve it. It all comes down to self-care and by not treating ourselves right we are not encouraging others to do the same. Of course we all have days where the only thing we feel like wearing is comfy and that is ok but take it from me if you want to feel successful you are going to have start dressing the part. What ever that means for you. As someone who battles with her weight I tend to wear baggier clothing to try hide it but what I'm really doing is hiding myself. I'm sure if you are honest with yourself we all do this from time to time, my problem is I do it on a nearly daily basis.

Here is a tip I across while looking into this topic as I am not an expert in the psychology of things I thought it would be a good idea to share a few expert views on the topic with. This tip is courtesy of Tammy Brook in her blog she said " BUY A ROLLING RACK (clothes rail I had to goggle that one)– This rolling rack is your “go-to” spot for your next 20 looks, spend a Sunday selecting the next 20 looks that you will wear, try them on, assure yourself that you love the looks, take a photo of each look and let go and move on. Now you have just created your style “lookbook” and relieved yourself of that ridiculous extra hour of second-guessing yourself by trying a million outfits on until you have the one you feel best in. So many women are victims of this epidemic of trying 20 pairs of jeans on before they finally leave the house — exhausted before the day has started.

Another tip comes from Victoria Lim you can read the full article here but one thing she said that caught my eye was "The impact of clothing choices subconsciously triggers people into forming an image of yourself. That is what power dressing really should do, and due to that fact, and another well-known mindset is that you need to take a few fashion risks. The more fashion risks you take, the more self-esteem will you gather, and the people in the business world will start perceiving you differently. Discover new styles, buy things that you have never imagine to have worn, pair vintage ripped jeans with white ankle-length boots, and you will see how confident you’ll become once you start taking risks. It is all in our minds. Mismatching is the ultimate form of style confidence, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

An article in Psychology Today by Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D. had this advice Style Impacts Success

When we intentionally dress for success, we gain confidence through the way we are treated by others, as well as the way we perceive ourselves. Strategizing professional attire appears to be a wise move regardless of your industry, and attire induced accomplishment can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I hope this post might help someone else out there who maybe be struggling to improve their Mindset and like me hasn't made the connection between my choice of clothing and how it has been subconsciously feeding me the wrong story about myself.

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